Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Wendigo Comes

In this special Do Some Damage episode, Jay Stringer chats with Chuch Wendig.

Here's who Chuck Wendig claims he is:

Chuck writes because he can do nothing else.

Chuck is a 30-something freelance penmonkey.

He is a novelist:

His novel, Blackbirds, is repped by Stacia Decker, super-agent of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

He is a screenwriter:

He mentored with Stephen Susco (The Grudge, Grudge 2, Red). He’s written a handful of spec screenplays both alone and with writing partner Lance Weiler. Their most recent film effort, HiM, won the Arte France Cinema Award at CineMart and was recently selected for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in January 2010. Together, Weiler and Wendig are also helping to develop an as-yet-unannounced television property.

He is a short story writer:

He’s had a number of short stories published across a small array of journals and zines (Not One of Us, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Whispers from the Shatterered Forum, The Town Drunk, etc.).

He is a game designer:

He’s been working in the pen-and-paper RPG industry for a third of his life (over a decade), and has contributed to over 85 game books during this time, serving as writer, developer, or both. He developed, for instance, the entire Hunter: The Vigil game line for White Wolf Game Studios. He’s done some work on video game properties, which at present he cannot mention. He’s contributed script work for web content, which at present he cannot identify. Don’t even ask him about the Android app.

He is all over the map:

Chuck is considering branching out into comic books, take-out menus, religious pamphlets, or witty doormats. Give him a wide berth, as he might be drunk and untrustworthy.

He is on the East Coast:

Wendig currently lives in the wilds of Pennsyltucky with a wonderful wife and two very cute-but-stupid dogs.

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